The Anatomy of a Good Speech

5The most important aspect of a speech, irrespective of the fact whether it is a best man speech or presidential speech, is that it must be appealing to the audience and the best way of accomplishing that is to ensure that one prepares the speech in accordance with the gravity of the occasion. However, it is not that difficult to craft a good speech, since one can easily incorporate some of the best known practices into his or her speech and in the process make sure that the speech is a rousing success.

If one ever goes through a video of some of the great speeches of the past then he would surely notice that the speaker ensures that he points out the purpose of the speech at the very beginning and this is without doubt one of the most important things to keep in mind whenever one is asked to deliver a speech. In an earlier day and age, there used to be a custom among eminent people to be repetitive with the content of their speech but that is not something that would work in today’s world since people usually do a bit of online research these days before they sit through a speech and hence it is impossible to fool them into appreciating such a speech.

For instance, in case of a best man speech, the speaker should not keep reminding people about his friendship about the bridegroom, since that is actually a precondition for being a best man, but tell the gathering more about the little known facts from the life of the bridegroom in order to make the speech more engrossing. People often find it difficult to write a good speech that would appeal to everyone and hence if one is not sure about his writing skill then the best thing to do would be to hire a professional speech writer who would be able to deliver a compelling speech according to the needs of the event.

Although it is true that it is not always possible to get it right in the very first draft of the speech, it should not discourage the author from writing a second draft that would try and improve on the inadequacies of the first one.

A common mistake that people often commit when they are writing a speech is that they edit the speech even before they finish it and this is something that should be avoided since it consumes a lot of time and finally does not leave enough time for an individual to come up with an ideal speech.



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